With Indonesia’s increasing diversification of logistical needs, our trucking service enables you to focus more on your business. Let us assist you with distributing your goods with a higher quality of service.

To help link producers and customers locally and internationally, the trucking service industry circulates mainly between the transportation and warehousing sectors. As a comprehensive logistics service provider, Cakra Trucking supports our clients’ sales and production capacity expansion by using a reliable armada of trucks in a range of small and medium capacity, up-to-head trailers that can accommodate the movement of vast cargo, 20 or 40 feet.

Our trucking services also deal with particular types of cargo, such as fragile or perishable goods, heavy machinery, or other specific provision commodities. This trucking service is a vital support in industrial and consumer-oriented businesses to keep the movement of goods smooth and reliable. We will also pick up the product and procure a door-to-door route to match lead time and cost at the customer’s request.

In Cakra, we understand that time is essential within the chain of the operating system of logistic service, shipment, and custom procedure. That is why we keep our trucking armada and driver in a go-ready condition.  We support our client’s needs, using information system methods (job order, picking/storage/inventory control, tracking of cargo in dispatch work) and merging functions and utilization of various modes of transportation to serve clients in the best possible way.

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