Cakra Logistics Services provides land, sea, and air freight shipping which offer the most efficient way of various freight options. With our extensive network, our services are ready to cater customers needs for package and document delivery, both domestic and international destinations. Our staff will excellently conduct freight service, on time delivery, and handle custom brokerage, logistics, distribution, as well as warehousing management for customers shipment. Whether personal service or project cargo handling, we can ensure our customers meet their needs. 


We provide the following air freight services:

  • All operations related to import and export, including packing and documentation, suggest reasonable airfare.
  • Import and export customs clearance and neighboring delivery in Indonesia and Jakarta.
  • Large cargo (special cargo) which exceeds 2m. (to be coordinated with airlines)
  • Dangerous goods and perishable goods (to be coordinated with airlines).


We provide the following sea freight services:

  • All operations related to import and export, including packing and custom documentation.
  • Small cargo or Ample cargo that are either too small to fit in a single container or too large and heavy to fit in a single container (vanning cargo and unpackaged bare machinery)
  • Dangerous goods (to be checked with the airlines) 
  • Door-to-door cargo handling from the factory, packing, shipping arrangement, and import clearance in Indonesian Customs, as well as the withdrawal of cargo from the container, unpacking cargo, disposal of waste materials, loading, and installation to the designated place in the factory.
  • Vessel type recommendation based on customers’ preference.

Equipped with the Indonesian Customs license (PPJK) and Customs Online System (EDI), we will smoothly handle the operations from tax calculation to documentation.


Cakra Cargo Team also specializes in serving special cargo projects, for its clients that are part of industry or factory. Project cargo is a term to describe the delivery of large, heavy, high value or critical goods to the project, such as factory lathes, press machine, or grinding machine. Project cargo also applies to goods whose packaging is carried out before being sent by disassembling the components of the goods, and then re-assembling after the goods arrive at the delivery destination.

The project cargo process can be carried out in one or several shipments, using trucks, trains, airplanes and ships. The work also involved the usage of crane or heavy duty forklift.  This type of cargo load tends to have a particular time frame or delivery date, therefore project cargo delivery is one of the most complex and detailed operation in the logistics industry. 

Machinery and Equipment Transport Services

We provide the following services:

  • Conduct proxy application acquisition work, approval of used equipment to the relevant agencies. We also conduct application services with inspection institutions such as Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia.
  • Particular documents application assistance (used inspection documents, master list, and commercial ministry permit).
  • Arranging heavy machinery for the project, such as forklifts and cranes.
  • Assistance in basic construction, primary and secondary wiring piping, and leveling work.

Packing Variety

Vanning operation-Bare machinery

Komatsu's 300 ton press packing at the wharf


Logistics plays an important role in the overall supply chain. Without efficient and excellent logistics, a business cannot win the profitability war. Our team always ensure the cargo safety by create vanning plan, unify the complex exchanges between carrier, and checking the regulation which appropriate with the goods custom code, with further consultation with the authorities.

Our experiences, technical logistics knowledge, and local knowledge of the industry is proven. For our client satisfaction, we also provide consultations in areas such as cost reduction and quality improvement. 





We are your solution for sustainable packing. We propose our zero waste packing method with a practical packing method using environmentally friendly materials. 

We suggest our customers in reducing packing costs and fare (airfare, sea fare, truck fare, etc) as well as export shipping work fee (if the total volume is reduced, then the container packing work fee will also be reduced).

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