With the increasing diversification of logistical needs in Indonesia, our warehousing service enables you to focus more on your business. Let us assist you with the distribution of your goods with a higher quality of service.

As a comprehensive logistics service provider, we support our client’s sales expansion using distribution processing function (inspection, packing, delivery classified by shop etc.) and using the latest warehouse management system connected with EDI and ASP, peripheral IT solution and transportation management system.

These methods enables us to provide a total logistics solution; from order processing to advanced inventory management, complex distribution processing service, and cost management.


Our warehouse – inventory management services features value-added logistics services and solutions to meet the needs of customers in all industries and business categories. This includes:

  • Warehousing and storage services.
  • Using our base as part of an outsourcing resource, we will conduct the process normally done at the customer’s own factory and delivery center.
  • Backed with speed and efficiency, our warehouse is usable as your logistics strategic base.
  • Distribution processing services for circulating the goods after being released from the warehouse.
  • Distribution process such as assembly, labeling, sorting, softening work, refilling, packing, and sample collection; which are done in our warehouse.

As part of our warehousing – inventory management, we also provide these services:

  • Foreign substance inclusion inspection with meter reading, which are impossible to do just by checking the appearance.
  • Unpacking and repacking, labeling, bundling of leaflets and instructions, wrapping such as gift wrapping, etc. to assist light work as required at the time of shipment.

Please inquire for the following cargo separately; confidential documents, molds, machinery, medical / pharmaceuticals, insulated products, chemical products, dangerous goods, and food products.

As a distributor, we can propose a wide range of offers, including consultation of suitable facilities for your needs as well as our warehouse facilities, logistics related facilities, sales and leasing etc. Furthermore, we can also do our own logistics work in the form of business contracts for your outsourcing needs. These services will ease the heavy burden of investing in logistics.

With years of experience and achievements, we provide the following in-house services for our customers to ensure a smooth operation while practicing safety precautions:

  • Product inventory management, carry in / out, packing / sorting etc. in the customer’s factory / warehouse. In addition, we introduce IT to meet the more complex and sophisticated needs.
  • We aim to be an outsourcer that acts and manages the work site in customer factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and also we are doing in-house work according to customer’s needs.
  • Manage the operation of the work site in logistics all together, including loading and unloading · stock management, process control of automatic warehouse and manufacturing factory, orders and clerical work etc.
  • On-site optimization by delegating some operations such as clerical work and line work, etc.
  • Exclusion of unreasonableness, waste and inconsistency with our customers support, and we have received high evaluation from our customers.


By integrating the logistics management and information management system for both domestic and overseas, we linked with whole process to support customer’s needs. This includes warehouse / dispatch management, inventory management, transportation management, ordering management, and real time data provision for demand forecasting as well as production planning and adjustment

We do not stock newly arrived products in the depot. Right after they arrived, we sort and ship them to each destination. Shortening the time of load handling will result in the reduction of lead time, cost savings by saving labor and space, as well as inventory reduction.

We go around to multiple customers with one vehicle and carry out patrol shipment. The loading efficiency will be higher than the carry-in to the depot individually, and the logistics cost will be reduced. It also leads to a great rationalization since the vehicles delivering to suppliers will be reduced as well.

It is a method of producing and delivering parts in the order of production on a production line. By shortening lead time, each car maker is introducing it in each system with a method to produce high quality products as ordered by customers. Cakra Depot will support each company’s system by utilizing the depot which is located near the vehicle factory.


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