Cakra logistics service was established in Indonesia as a specialist group in land, sea and air freight forwarding. We will recommend the most efficient way by choosing from a variety of freight options.

Air freight services

We provide the following air freight services:

  • All operations related to import and export, including packing and documentation, and suggest a reasonable air fare.
  • Import and export customs clearance, and neighboring delivery in Indonesia and Jakarta.
  • Large cargo (special cargo) which exceeds 2m. 【negotiable】.
  • Dangerous goods and perishable goods 【negotiable】.

Sea freight service

We provide the following sea freight services:

  • All operations related to import and export, including packing and documentation.
  • Small cargo (consolidated cargo) which is too small to fit in a single container and large cargo which is too large and heavy to fit a single container, such as a special vanning cargo; an un-packaged bare machinery.
  • Dangerous goods (negotiable)
  • Door to door cargo handling, from factory, packing, shipping arrangement and Import clearance in Indonesian Customs, as well as the withdrawal of cargo from container, unpacking cargo, disposal of waste materials, loading and installation to the designated place in the factory.
  • Vessel type recommendation based on customers’ preference.

Equipped with Indonesian Customs license (PPJK) and Customs online system (EDI), we will handle with the operations from tax calculation to documentation smoothly.

Vanning operation-Bare machinery

Machinery and equipment transport services

We provide the following services:

  • Conduct proxy application acquisition work, along with the approval of used equipment and so on. We also conduct application services with inspection institutions such as Sucofindo and Surveyor Indonesia.
  • Special documents application assistance (used inspection documents, master list, and commercial ministry permit).
  • Arranging heavy machinery such as forklift and cranes.
  • Assistance in basic construction, primary and secondary wiring piping and leveling work.

Cargo packing service

Packaging that takes advantage of cargo features is necessary.

Confirmation of packing situation by destination - We will propose packaging without waste.

Reduction of packing costs as well as reduction of fare (airfare, sea fare, truck fare, etc.) · Will also lead to the reduction of export shipping work fee. (If the total volume is reduced, the container packing work fee will then be reduced).

Reduction of excessive packaging (Reduction of waste materials at the site, saving time and effort of unpacking and effective from the environmental point of view).

Packing Variety

Komatsu's 300 ton press packing at the wharf

Logistics consulting service

"Logistics" is one of the important roles in the "process" until "product" is "sold". More importantly, it is a part that can never be separated. We utilize our years of experience and knowledge in logistics, to review customer's logistics process and provide consultations in areas such as cost reduction and quality improvement.


Exchange Rate for Custom Purpose

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