We will support your business expansion in Indonesia!

We provide assistance to foreign companies or investors who are planning to advance in Indonesia, whether it is a manufacturing or non-manufacturing corporation, without going through a number of cumbersome administrative procedures. Based on our past consulting experience of establishing a Japanese company, we will propose a safe and smooth procedure.

Indonesia is known as a country with the largest population in Southeast Asia with a great advantage of future market expansion and the abundant labor supply. Therefore, as a country where future growth is most expected, we will support you with a one-stop comprehensive management support, from customer's establishment representation to auditing, legal work and labor management.

Company establishment / registration

We will assist you in arranging and registering applications concerning company establishment in Indonesia. Whether it is establishing a local corporation, branch office, or a representative office, we will speed up the application process to the Indonesian authorities including BKPM. Additionally, we also provide Indonesian / Japanese translation of those documents.

Major document applications in establishing a subsidiary in Indonesia are as follows:

  • NPWP
  • PKP
  • NIB
  • LKPM
  • WLK
  • WLP
  • SPPL
  • BPJS


Application of residence permit for expatriate employee and work permit etc.

Amendment of articles of incorporation, registration of changes to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Arrangement for capital increase, change in shareholders / board members, closing arrangements of companies, change in address, and change in labor regulations.

Application of licenses for restaurant and food approval documents.

Used machine import license, Pulp related import special license, Steel material import special license for production facilities.

Import from Japan.

Various documentation (master list etc.) related to Indonesian import process, etc.

Expatriate employee support service

We can help the expatriate to find residence and provide transportation advice for relocating from Japan before starting their new life in Indonesia.

Employment and temporary job service

Difficulty in securing talented personnel in quite common in Indonesia. By using our network, we will assist you in introducing Indonesian talents.

Labor management service

In Indonesia, there are many parts where labor management is different from Japan. We will support and solve labor problems for advancing in Indonesia, including documentation of employment contract, creation of employment regulations as well as establishing the personnel plan.

M&A Service

Years of experience have provided us with a wide range selection of lawyers and accountants to assist your M & A process.

Information service

We deliver information about the general investment environment of Indonesian business in addition to practical contents such as law, tax system, and labor management.

Other services

We provide comprehensive services, including visa acquisition, work permit acquisition, and translation to Indonesian.

Business consultant

Various problems and needs might arise in the process of business development and living in Indonesia. Based on years of experience in Indonesia, we will provide advisory and suggestions based on customer's inquiries.

Accountint and finance service

As the taxation and accounting system in Indonesia are still un-clear, we will introduce the accounting office and tax consultant to you. They will assist in reporting tax returns and audits in Indonesia, and also report monthly settlement and point out quickly to the Japanese parent company in Japanese with clarifications of the management tasks in the Indonesian project.

Introduce to partner companies

  • Temporary-employment and recruitment agency
  • Law firm
  • Rental car company
  • Insurance company
  • Rental office
  • Security company


Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board

Directorate General of Immigration

Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Japan

Embassy of Japan in Indonesia