Cakra group of companies established with feelings of gratitude to God and nurture the love we have for our world, our countries, our people, our company and our family.


Cakra is a company founded by just two people, with a very limited capital and no reliance. We started from our 10 square meters-sized tiny office. We based our venture on important values: being honest, creating opportunity for our employees and eventually contributing to our family and to the society. We, the founders and employees get together in this entity, gradually earned the trust and confidence from our customers.

In Cakra, we appreciate the spirit and contribution from our employees, as well as from our esteemed clients, who make us of what we are today. We will put our efforts into the work, in the same time nurturing our presence in the society. What we are aiming at is achieving everyone’s happiness by “LOVING, KNOWING, REFLECTING and IMPROVING”.

Company Policy

We are a company:

  • That follows faith of God and keeps moving forward
  • That puts the importance in keeping our good quality service to customers and provide a service from the heart
  • Where every employees devotes themselves to work, maintain their dignity as human beings and contribute to society
  • That strives to inspire people


PT Cakra Mitra International

  • We contribute to the Indonesian society through our service in foreign and domestic logistics service, as well as transport and warehousing industry.

PT Cakra Gemilang Prakasa

  • We contribute to Indonesian society through consulting service, and as a trading business.
Management Guidance of Cakra Japan

Cakra International Co., Ltd

  • We contribute to the Japanese society as a worldwide distributor and through the transport industry.
Corporate Philosophy

As a group of companies, our corporate philosophies are:

  • Have the right common sense in society and take an action, whilst following God’s faith
  • Keep customers’ happiness in mind and not ignore their wishes
  • Consider broad ideas but not ignore any small important matter
  • Enhance added value in our work
  • Keep positive attitudes as the utmost importance of working attitude
  • Be enthusiastic to our work and being sincerely
  • Set individual goals, to achieve common target
  • Be creative in doing our job, and not wait for others to do that for us
  • Should influence positive attitude to others, and not being passive
  • Make a decision with wisdom and courage
  • Do not give up until you succeed
  • Make a right and immediate judgment
  • Stay honest and fair
  • Do not only act for our own self-interest
  • Keep reflecting on what is achieved and improve ourselves


Our employees are committed to these philosophies to provide good quality of service to our customers:

  • Have self-confidence
  • Have a dream
  • Make your own way
  • Have a challenging spirit
  • Keep inventing new ideas and apply them
  • Do not forget to smile and to endeavor
  • Stay faithful and honest
  • Stay calm and be patient
  • Be punctual
  • Putting in order as always
  • Follow common etiquettes and good manners
  • Be efficient and effective
  • Not forget to appreciate and be grateful