Online Single Submission has developed for business permits of integrated system
17 Oct

Online Single Submission has developed for business permits of integrated system

Online Single Submission (OSS) is a Business Permits that issued by the OSS Institute for and on behalf of ministers, institutional leaders, governors, or regents / mayors of resident to Business Actors through an integrated electronic system. 

Based on Article 6 of Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 concerning Permits Services Integrated Electronics, all Business Actors can proceed their business permits with OSS system, as the following type:

·       business entities or individuals;

·       micro, small, medium and large businesses

·       individual/business entity enterprise, both new developed and existing    entities that start their business, before OSS take system enacted;

·       businesses enterprises with capital that come from domestic sources, or with portion from foreign partner.

To ease of doing business in Indonesia, the Government push structural reformation on business permit process.   The application of the One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) and Online Single Submission (OSS) is expected to effectively reduce bureaucratic red tape and facilitate business people operation in Indonesia. The government has enact Online Single Submission (OSS) as a system that integrates all business licensing services that are under the authority of the Minister/Head of Institutions, Governors, or Regents/Mayors, that are carried out electronically. Through the reform of the licensing system, we encourage standardization to make licensing bureaucracy at the central and regional levels easier, faster, and also more integrated
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