When a foreigner works in Indonesia, it is necessary to obtain various permits. Additionally, it is also necessary for business travelers, such as support and maintenance workers, to acquire similar permits through various procedures. We will assist in settling these procedures with each government authorities.

Work permission ・ Permission for residence

Expatriate employees must belong to a local company or a representative office and are required to obtain a work permit, residence permit etc. from the Indonesian government.

The main acquired documents would be as follows

  • Ministry of Labor
  • Immigration
  • IMTA
  • Ministry of Labor
  • MERP
  • Immigration
  • Local Civil Registry Office
  • Immigration
  • Immigration
  • EPO
  • Immigration
  • STM
  • Domiciled Police Precinct

Other arrangements

  • Address change arrangement
  • Job Position change arrangement
  • Residence permit
  • Others

To obtain visas, you need to apply at the Indonesian Embassy in foreign countries. Visa applications are available at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and Japan which are our affiliated partners throughout the years.