Joint Venture Company PT. Logicom Cakra Indonesia.


Warehouse business started in GIC Karawang.

2018> June

Warehouse business started in MM 2100 industrial park.

2018> January

Going to participate in Ethiopian food manufacturing business.

2017> August

Participate in the vegetable production business.

2017> April

Transfer PT Cakra Gemilang Prakasa moving business to PT Cakra Mitra International.

2017> April

Had partnership business with LOGICOM Co., Ltd.
Started Indonesia domestic warehouse business and domestic delivery business.

2017> August

Business start of trading company.

2016> June

Warehouse founded in Bekasi province rental started.

2016> April

Warehousing started in Mitsuke City,Niigata prefecture.

2016> March

Capital Increased.

2015> November

Established Cakra International Co., Ltd.
Started international transport handling business.

2014> May

Jakarta city own warehouse rental started.

2012> December

Moved the office to Jl.Mampang Prapatan Raya.

2009> February

Joined in JIMA (Japan International Movers Association).

2005> February

Own warehouse in Jakarta founded - 400m2
Moved the office to Jl.Mampang Prapatan VIII.

2004> September

Joined in INFA (International Freight Forwarder Indonesia).

2000> June

Started consulting (company establishment, obtaining permission approval agency acquisition work).

2000> April

Established PT Cakra Mitra International.
Started international freight forwarding business.
PPJK(Customs clearance) acquired.

1999> August

Moved the office to Jl.Tegal Parang Utara.

1998> May

Stated Consultant business (Relating to foreign residents permit).

1998> March

Established PT Cakra Gemilang Prakasa.
Started overseas moving business and domestic moving business.
Started business at Office 10M2 in Jl. Widya Chandra.
Had partnership with Yokohama System Mover Co., Ltd.

1997> November