PT Cakra Gemilang Prakasa


A national company that provides business consultation, packing, warehousing as well as office and personal relocation needs. Established on November 1, 1997 PT CGP has served domestic and international clients for personal effects and business moves in Indonesia or for destinations abroad, documents processing to do business in Indonesia, to import and export purposes, working permit and staying permit for their foreign employees and family. Cakra Gemilang Prakasa strives to maintain reliable service to its clients since day one.

PT Cakra Mitra International


Indonesian national company with freight forwarding and custom brokerage as its lines of business. PT CMI provides services to national and international customers alike. Since establishment on July 19, 1999, PT CMI has been doing general import and export, industrial and heavy machinery custom brokerage and relocation, especially for joint venture and foreign operation enterprises in Indonesia.

Cakra International. Co. Ltd


This company domiciled in Japan, and doing its service for freight forwarding and general trading. Established in May 15, 2014 the company has served Japanese companies to export its product and capital goods to and from Japan, and also to various destinations around the globe.